PeCaPECa…mighty cold and windy out there…didn’t take Bella long to do her business..she is diffently an inside dog…

worked on Dusty yesterday…all I need is a mop bucket which I will get today…she’s the cleaning fairy that we all wish we had…Lol!

well..our trip is getting closer…the seventh of April..sooo excited..daddy is still planning to go..My Just Ben wanted to know if anything happens to daddy while we on the road ..what we gonna like the national lampoons vacation…remember that..when that tied her on top of the car…he’s too funny…

i cooked a really good supper last night..roast pork loin real mashed taters..colllards and yeast rolls…yummy!…oh and some corner grill gravy

tinight is hamburgers and fries…not Daddys favorite…but it is what it is…

thats all I got cause I’m running out of time….sending you a warm spot in your windy day


Just Lovey…

PeCaPeCa…it has been a lovely morning..PorchTime..RV Santa..Bella Lily and Bobbit Bobbie..and the beautiful day given…don’t get no better…AND laundry is done…

Still working on Ms.Dilly..inviting you for PorchTime …have to finish up her cup of RV coffee…

Out of clay..waiting for…

And today is the big THIRTY bday for our Josh…so here’s your ten seconds of fame on the BLOG..

HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweet boy..πŸ‘πŸ»β€οΈ..he’s going to be a great dad..he loves him some Jeese Wayne..and we love us some Josh..and his newly learned skills..

That’s all I got..sending you the best day givenoops..don’t know how that got in there today..sorry but friends forever..the puce of meg and Adam..sorry

Another week..we all ..hope.. iPad decided to charge up and now I can’t get my all my mail…small things..yes…I’ll move on…

Another Monday to call my own..trying to get my laundry done..started on it yesterday…yes..the breakers again…this old house..but it’s Home..moving on from that also..

Worked on another fairy..haven’t quite finished her up…Maybe today between laundry

I am sixty six years old and never ever have I been stung by any flying stinging thing..yesterday went down in history..a wasp got me twice before I could get him off…neither sting was a full on sting cause I was doing a cute dance out there in the yard and I don’t believe I would have survived a full on STING..cause that sob HURT…with the taps he gave me..needless to say they are all dead today with my Dna…my Santa killed them dead…

Daddy got his first tomato..he was a smiling great big this morning..priceless..

And Bella has finally gave in to her sister..Bobbit Bobby…they sleep together and yes..even eat together..just  what I  wanted for my Bella..a baby sister…as sweet as the one I have..Amy

I have a pic but to no avail am I posting it today..cause my mails not coming through…small things..moving on

And the moment is gone …to take it with my iPad …moving on..

And a great big HAPPY BIRTHDAY β€οΈπŸ˜πŸŽ‚to my ole some cake..

That’s all I got…sending you a wonderful Monday given..

iPad dead for now

Pecapeca..typing on the phone..this ought to be good..

Marvelous Sunday morn and a marvelous market didn’t left some good dollars and we all were very grateful..thanx for showing a great welcome..if you missed the pics ..Andy is old school ..dump and grab..and he even smells of a hardworking the color he had on his table was a pretty site to me..

And thanx..ruthie for stopping by..and picking out some great gifts for our friends..happy birthday Jane n Marie..hope they make you Smile

And quite a Walmart moment at the market..this was just one..

Please lady’s and gents..get a full length mirror..make sure there are nothing hanging out or imprints..

Now ..that is in your vision..let’s move on..

Amy l. Looking cute fir her party she was giving yesterday for of the most

And my tay is having her first art showing in manteo the 27th of this proud..

That’s all I got..sending you a marvelous Sunday given

Market ready I sit here looking around me..the rewarding hard work to set up for you..the beautiful displays..the beauty of all the vegetables flowers herbs and crafts..are amazing..and we have a new farmer in our mist..hello..Andy..come by and give him a good ole down home welcome..look at this vegetables..amazingly beauty..

Sooo…slap some ugly clothes on and come see us..8-2..hope to see you..that’s all I got..sending you an awesome day givenI leave you with dat..πŸ‘πŸ»up to all the crazies

It’s Friday ..guys…

PeCaPeCa…this week has flown by for me..guess was because I was buzy…made thirteen plant imps…the forest is full..these lil guys are just so cute to know you want one to hang around in your home..I decided they all go on a stick..take it off if you want a..

They were kinda buzzing’s kinda blurry..

Main king a super duper web’s one I saw a long time ago..web upon web..really kool and look whats in the center of this one…a locket..where she hides…toooooo cool….

Oh..daddy’s appointment..went well..check the battery again in three months..that leaves one month for the thing to beep or flash or buzz..we were kinda fuzzy on that ..

Remember the Market tomorrow..8-2..hope to see YOU…

That’s all I got…sending you an absolutely a marvelous FRIDAY..

Rain..thunderstorms..all day?..they say

PeCaPeCa…’s going to be acrafting kinda day if we get all that rain n thunderstorms..”they say”…and I’m ready to craft…I ended up making nine to reup on my craft supplies today…

Daddy has an appointment today..time for a battery change soon…so he can keep on ticking…

Nothing else is happening..soooo…that’s all I got..short n sweet…sending you a marvelous Thursday given..

All Good…

PeCaPeCa…all GOOD this morning..Happy Hump Day…

Did alittle crafting yesterday…made an imp ..and going to work on some more today…almost have sold out..not putting these on a stick..some peeps have ask them without them can be easily fixed on one..if YOU prefer..these are very good sellers..something small you can take as souvenirs..or for a friend..or just plain pleasure for yourself..I happen to love them..they are fun to make..

And I will be working some a couple fairies also..gotta keep up..

Daddy and I are so proud of his lil some gooding looking tomatoes coming..I’m guarding like a about ten going to be coming off pretty soon..this is the first year…we have had this many..

Okra..squash..and cucumbers kinda slow…but there is plenty on the vine..yeah!

What’s for supper?…FRIED CHICKEN…my santas mouth is already watering..too funny..he does love some of Deb-er-k’s fried chicken…

And guess what..when I got back from taking daddy to BoTime ..he had vacuumed the living room and dining room…he’s a good man..

That’s all I got..sending you a smile in your day given..