It’s Friday Folks….


Don’t know bout you BUT I am glad it’s Friday…What a WhirlWind of a week for Big Jean’…Daddy and Me…

I am ready to take a break…which I probably won’t … cause I still have some undone things to get done before Daddy gets Home…

the most rewarding site at the Rehab yesterday…Daddy was cooking his cake for therpy..I was so Proud to see him cooking on his own…it turned out beautifully…I even got to see him stand up even if it was a minute or two…..God is Good….

Still having problems with my Peeps finding my blog on Facebook and my site…I know it post cause it’s on my feed…don’t know WHY????….I thank all of them for searching me out the best they can…now I have another problem..iPad want charge…GRRRRR!!!!…

Got to make this short cause I have only 8% left…Sending you a Short Friday so you can enjoy the weekend

👍’s up to ALL the crazies..Screamin’Peacock image


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