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Mellow Tuesday…😎


Last Minute things to do before Daddy comes Home tomorrow….go get his Chair…throw the Old out…munch the leaves in the yard…and that’s it for Big Jean’ and Me….we have prepared the Home the best we know for Daddy’s new journey…and our’s….

I am through decorating…very Happy with the results of my labor…at night..it is so calming of the Christmas Spirit and Lights…Yes…I have heard it is way to early BUT when it hits you..you just go with it..and I did..

got a whole month to ENJOY…🎄🎅🎁

I wish to Thank everyone for the Toys of the trade that you have given to my Daddy to help him in this journey….Thank You for your prayers..thoughts…concerns and visits….on this season of Thanksgiving…

My sisters and I are Thankful and Blessed…

thats all I got…sending you a Mellow Tuesday somewhere in your day given…👍’s up to ALL the Crazies



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