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My First Thanksgiving….


I had the most Fantastic Thanksgiving….My JonBoy..Jen..TayTay..and Owen spent it with Me…It was our very first..like this…always at the end of that day I would have my turn..they never missed…in their fourteen year marriage I have never pressured them as some Mother-in-Laws…you know why cause I am the Best Mother -in-Law ever…I have had the Honor of having three loving Mother in laws  and when I became one…I took all the wonderful qualities of my three and created ME.Grannie”D” is what they call me…I even have an ex-daughter in law that says it to this day…Yes…I got My Turkey Chest out this morning…LOL!…

I ask Tay to take some pics while I finished off the Fine Turk Dinner…imageimageimageimageimageimage…Thank You Tay For the pics….

My Just Ben Called to hear my stories of each and everyone…we laughed  and chattered for awhile…PorchTime helped cause I was tired…but I wanted My Just Ben to experience some of our day…

Jon n Jen are great thoughtful parents…always in the moment for their kids..they have done well…I must tell you what they are doing for Tay for Christmas…A dear friend of mine gave me some raw Peridot..it ‘s my birthstone and Tay’s also…well ..I gave Tay some of them awhile back and up beknowst to me ..she cherish’s them…so they are making her a necklace where you put them in a small charm…Awesomeness..I am so honored that the small gifts that cost hardly nothing means so much to them…Thanx..Jen n Jon for the gifts you have given me..

Well..everyone in the room is hovering  and they can’t believe how long it takes to write this…I don’t usually have so much distractions..LOL!

and they are still HOVERING!!!!!!

thats all I got…sending you a Fabulous Friday…👍’s up to ALL the CRAZIES





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