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My Holiday keeps on….


Yes..my holiday continues..my lil Edenton family went shopping and this is mimagey prize…anPeacock RV Coffee Cup…AWESOMENESS….image….they packed up and had to leave for Home ..alittle sad but they left me with a Happy Heart…then it was time for Daddy and I a Country Ham Breakfast but wait a knock at the door..it was Daddy’s HomeNurse..Ms.Robin…she’s the bomb of all bombs of Nurses…Lots of Hair..big ass smile…bracelets on both arms up to her elbows..ring on every finger..yes..my peeps…a black Deberk she was and she loved us and we loved her by the end of the visit….God puts people in your path every time and if they ain’t suppose to be there..he can take them out…is what I say……finally Daddy and I got our breakfast…after that another knock on the door..it was my sister Gail to take me out on a break on the norm…we went Christmas Shopping or rather she did..I just encouraged her to buy…And you know I got something but I can’t tell you..she wouldn’t let me have them til Christmas Eve..so no pics and no tell what it is…Dang it….

I wish to retract a story from the other day..my intentions were not to offend anyone..I was just expressing a sister looking in at a moment in time..cause Gail’s Family is very supportive..PaPa Bear and Mark were waiting up for her to unload the car..she wa out in that weather by her own choice..I don’t write this blog to offend anyone..sorry…

I wish to Thank all my Family and Friends for Loving them some Deb-ER-K…I don’t know what I would do with out each and every one….words cannot even begin to tell or show my gratitude for what they all do for me..not just material things but the Love they have for just ME….

my Owen loves his black tie…he is ready for an event at anytime…so we all took a pic with it on..maybe it will catch on like thimagee mustache…imageimageimageimageimageimageimage…and yes I did get take one but I hate pics of myself cause I have turned into one ugly old lady…or maybe I have finally reached this pic…compare and let me know….

I also hate hate this new place your pic crap…maybe you can understand the pics and get what I was trying to do…LOL!

Love me some Owen….

Well I have written this blog three times already and it didn’t turnout as I planned cause this pic situation is crazy…hope you got the jest that I am one loved girl by my Family and Friends..that’s all I got..sending you some Saturday love…👍’s up to all the crazies

…Screamin”Peacock and my sign off pic ended up at top…GRRRRRR!!!!!




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