Do you know I have cooked a good Breakfast every morn’since my Daddy got Home…some simple..some full on..I am quite Proud of myself…I love Breakfast time..Best meal of the day…So Today we imagehaving our Normal Sunday Sausage n Biscuits..and No I don’t make homemade biscuits..there is two things that I don’t even try to do is Collards n Biscuits…

Daddy is adjusting to his new journey…he does his excerise..scoots around with his walker quite well…eats good…for right now he is on house stop by anytime….he would love a visit…give me a break..LOL!

I do get out some..Big Jean’ says I have to have some time out…he stays with Daddy while I go and play alittle…I was having Sally Store withdrawals so yesterday was my time…found me a small bird cage for one of my Peacocks and a shirt for Big Jean’…Oh! And another Clock..79 cents….image image..oh my it worked and in the right place of the blog…

I also would like to do a show n tell of my JonBoy’s Art..he made this for a friend of his to go on his Indian Motorcycle..stainless steel arrowhead…Awesome I say…image…and in the right place again…

He also is making a bicycle…haven’t got the pics of that yet….maybe when he sends I have ask about four times…Hello..JonBoy…send pics of bike….Please!!!

I have some very talented boys and family…Art is the key to sanity…

i have another eye problem…it has cold in it…haven’t had this since I was younger…red..swelled that enough description for Ya…no pic…

Hot Tea Bag and medicine…UGLY!!

Tomorrow is the beginning of a new month…new beginnings….think about that when you open your eyes in the morning and say..I have another chance to make things better…for myself and others…always stay positive…it does work out..even I have to say that to myself…I always tell my peeps that you are allowed one day of wallering in your crap and then get over it…just putting that out there..

I made Turkey and Pastry yesterday out of our leftovers…Daddy and I eat a crap load of it all day..a little bowl here..hour later another bowl..that went on and on all day…I must say it was pretty good..when you get a Hmmm! From Daddy…LOL!

Thats all I got…sending you a Sweet Spot in your Sunday..👍’up to ALL the Crazies

…Screamin’ signoff pic is in the middle…Really?…



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