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Sunday Sausage…🐷


Do you know I have cooked a good Breakfast every morn’since my Daddy got Home…some simple..some full on..I am quite Proud of myself…I love Breakfast time..Best meal of the day…So Today we imagehaving our Normal Sunday Sausage n Biscuits..and No I don’t make homemade biscuits..there is two things that I don’t even try to do is Collards n Biscuits…

Daddy is adjusting to his new journey…he does his excerise..scoots around with his walker quite well…eats good…for right now he is on house arrest..so stop by anytime….he would love a visit…give me a break..LOL!

I do get out some..Big Jean’ says I have to have some time out…he stays with Daddy while I go and play alittle…I was having Sally Store withdrawals so yesterday was my time…found me a small bird cage for one of my Peacocks and a shirt for Big Jean’…Oh! And another Clock..79 cents….image image..oh my it worked and in the right place of the blog…

I also would like to do a show n tell of my JonBoy’s Art..he made this for a friend of his to go on his Indian Motorcycle..stainless steel arrowhead…Awesome I say…image…and in the right place again…

He also is making a bicycle…haven’t got the pics of that yet….maybe when he sends them..like I have ask about four times…Hello..JonBoy…send pics of bike….Please!!!

I have some very talented boys and family…Art is the key to sanity…

i have another eye problem…it has cold in it…haven’t had this since I was younger…red..swelled up..running..matted..is that enough description for Ya…no pic…

Hot Tea Bag and medicine…UGLY!!

Tomorrow is the beginning of a new month…new Possiblities..new beginnings….think about that when you open your eyes in the morning and say..I have another chance to make things better…for myself and others…always stay positive…it does work out..even I have to say that to myself…I always tell my peeps that you are allowed one day of wallering in your crap and then get over it…just putting that out there..

I made Turkey and Pastry yesterday out of our leftovers…Daddy and I eat a crap load of it all day..a little bowl here..hour later another bowl..that went on and on all day…I must say it was pretty good..when you get a Hmmm! From Daddy…LOL!

Thats all I got…sending you a Sweet Spot in your Sunday..👍’up to ALL the Crazies

…Screamin’Peacock..my signoff pic is in the middle…Really?…



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