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Low Key…


It’s a low key day for me…no where to be..not much to do…weather don’t look to good either…gloomy outside…where’s that Sunshine..ya’ll got any where you’re at…?…I guess we will have to create some Sunshine for ourselves…so a cheerie attitude I’ll try to have…

Thank You for your support..we now have over 42,000 reads…WOW!…I say..that just blows my mind..I know there’s lots of blogs out there that have millions.but ..I am so proud of my small part in your day…..

And I Thank My Amy L. for setting this up for me…in 2011…never knew I would be putting my writings in the public eye…of course I have been in the public’s eye all my life so why stop now..right!

The PT came by yesterday to work with Daddy..it was first visit..she was surprized at how well he was doing with walker..she also said there’s lots of work to be done and I told her..Daddy has the drive to do the work..so Let’s do this…she patted Big Jean’ and me on the back for setting things up for Daddy as best we could…I have learned so much in these last few years with Daddy and aging peeps…cause I know if I live long enough I will be there..something that dawned on me last night…I can now understand why older peeps get so confused about what day it is..when something happened…they are use to outside world stimulation as Daddy was..now he is under house arrest and one day is the same as the other…T.V….visits from other peeps are their only source of the outside world…and of course their memories of passed…their lives change in a blink of an eye…one minute Daddy was walking and then he wasn’t…

at least Thad hasn’t showed up lately..LOL!

Ida has done well with the budget lately..no sweating in the armpits…I even had a few dollars left from bill paying..do I dare say that out loud cause something will come along and take it..not enough to pay a bill but a small need if we have one..of course there’s another week before another check..so anything can come up…and take it..

Big Jean’ is off for the next couple of days…tonight we are having Chip Beef on Toast..SOS… Or whatever you may call it…Fried Chicken is not on the menu this time..LOL!….

Oh…my first time using a Meat Cleaver…I like it..I like it a lot…one wack and that there chicken was cut up…of coruse Daddy was there to show me how to use HIS cleaver..make sure you wash that good and put it back where you got it…typical Daddy words….that chicken was cut up lickety split…awesome…

thats all I got…sending you a awesome Tuesday..👍’s up to ALL the Crazies



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