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Early Bird….๐Ÿ›


I do love getting up early before the Sun comes up…the Home is quiet and I am alone with my thoughts and of course Bear..The Fish and Lily..so I guess I really am not totallly alone..I have always been a early riser..I think my parents made me that way cause I always worked the early shift….that would be four am…the morning to me has an Awe about it…Daddy always told me..I had the power to make or break someone’s day when they came in for breakfast…that would be unconscious power…LOL!…I probably broke a few but I made more than I broke…another LOL!

This morning’s breakfast will be Pancakes…Daddy was excited…you know..it’s all about him…it’s his World and we just happen to live in it…Dang..I am really on a roll Today….

Finally got a light for Fish Tank…imageand it’s clean…no green..LOL! Again…

My Honey is the best..another outing for myself yesterday and Boy did I score at the Sally Store…it was a 79 cent day for me…I had been eyeing this minature manger scene in the window and most of the time they won’t sell window display items but my girl was there and she said..Sure..for 79cents..it’s yours…all the pieces were there..it goes so well with my RV…imageAwesome…I also got a glass and stainless steel straw holder……I do love stainless steel…must be the cafe in me…79 cents…I don’t use straws but most of my Family do..I always forget there in my glass and have either poked up my nose or in my eye..now I got to get some straws…

and I got me a real nice Sweater..that cost three dollars..

paid all the bills..Wally World run and now we are all set for the month…Blessed all the way around…๐Ÿ’—

Well..the Sun is up and the Morning has started…that’s all I got…sending you a Terrific Thursday…๐Ÿ‘’s up to ALL the Crazies

Screamin’Peacock…image..Dang..everything is in the right place..no operator error here Today


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