Another Huge STEP….👞👞👞


Yesterday was a good day..for me and Daddy…I had plans to go out for some Deb-ER-K Time after doing the home chores…so I ask Daddy ..if there was anything he needed…his reply..I would like to go and see if I can take a walk around the Pig…so after about thirty minutes of old peep time..which by the way is slow…he finally got some socks on with his shoes cause I wouldn’t take him out with no socks….we were off for our adventure..Yes..I wanted to go alone but…I remembered what my horoscope extra kindness wisdom and love…Daddy got it…

and I had a few takers before him…sorry peeps…LOL!

Our first stop was Sally Store..I parked by the bushes so if he had to P he would be alright…then the scenic tour for our next stop..Daddy loves to ride down the odd streets to get where we’re going so I can hear the history again and again…never gets old to hear his adventures of New Bern way back when…I catch myself telling Big Jean’ stories when we take a ride…anyway…the Pig was next….perfect parking space right at the front door…and away we went…this time..I had the pleasure of pushing the cart as he tagged along with his walker…he did very well and listened to my orders of SLOW n STEADY….everyone at the Pig was glad to see him..what I thought was going to be a ten minute stroll turned into forty five minutes…he did great…Thank you..Jesus..for this feat boosted Daddy’s confidence…and mine…also the PT came to visit and did you know my Daddy tells White Lies…he told her he had not been anywhere outside the Home…I ask him later..he said he wanted to practice before she took him out..he always has an answer…

I cooked my first Deer Meat in a Stew…I don’t eat Deer Meat cause it just is ‘Not My Bag’ as Daddy says…but I gave it a try and it was Awesome for my first cooking…didn’t tell Big Jean’ or Daddy til it was over that it was Deer Meat…Daddy said I did a fine job and he had taught me well in cooking…of course he was taking the credit..Too Funny!

Today is a stay at Home Day…I just lied…I have got to go to the Sally Store to see if a girl that I was following around bought them Boots..she didn’t have the money for them and ask the girl to hold them til that afternoon…I told her after the girl left..if she don’t come back..hold them for me…it’s time to update my black boots..I have a pair that I have had for nine years…I always try to update my keep my look fresh…The Basics…something for a funeral….and a pair of boots…and these were awesome…keep your fingers crossed for me..if it was meant to be they will be mine…..that’s how I roll…

I did spread some more Horoscope with my friend..took him some Stew and made alittle Christmas cheer for his new Home…had some PorchTime..which made it even better decorating..LOL!

Well…that’s all I got…sending you a Super Saturday…👍’s up to ALL the Crazies




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