Sausage Sunday…🐷


yep..I been good to the guys this week in making Breakfast…I found we don’t eat as much Junk during the Day…so Sausage and whatever for Sunday Morn’

Yesterday was a easy going day…went to Sally Store and made a couple of finds…came home and got my Craft on…Hot Glue Gun…and Lots of GLITTER….image image image image image image image …Weimage image…Well I didn’t know all my pics that I was going to show and tell posted at the same time…DUH!….anyway..the first few are a Birdcage Tree with a crystal bird inside and my butterfly for my mirror and I just wanted ya’ll to see My Mama and Me white and crystal stuff..I do believe it’s the best it’s ever looked….and I added a peacock to my RV scene..they won’t let me have a real one in the city…so I created my fantasy…and the pics of Heavner..Oklahoma Parade..starring all the Family.

My Just Ben wears that Hat well..He looks like Frosty…lol

Just a few pics to get you in the Spirit of Christmas…

Thats all I got…sending you a sweet soothing Sunday…👍’s up to ALL the Crazies



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