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Pink 👀


Most assuredly I have Pink Eye…both of them…GeeWiz…can’t catch a break on my eyes lately…self diagnosed…went and got some over the counter drops…has anyone else got a home remedy..don’t want to have to go to Urgent Care..to many Dollars….yeah..yeah…I know…I need to go…got all that preaching..just give me a home remedy..Please with no wisdom …

I have been up since five with hot compresses so I could see where I was wandering in the dark…Yep..stepped in some P along the way and then Lily wanted something to eat then I had to P…Bear was hungrey..finally got my eyes unglued…and the fish were a popping and they wanted to eat….HELLO…it’s five AM…..needless to say …. I didn’t go back to bed…is it Monday??

I hope the rest of the day goes better….

And now my puffer has just died…..OK…maybe I should go back to bed and start this morning over…LOL!

When I was in the seventh grade…I had my first boyfriend…I do love me some Jake…probably drove him crazy cause I didn’t understand hormones of young peeps and I thought it would be forever with him…How nieve was I…pretty much…well years has passed and I often think about him..he was so handsome…coal black hair…green eyes..beautiful smile with a twinkle in those green eyes…Well look at him now…even back then I had Santa on my mind…imagecan you believe that…thanx Jake for a young girls craziness….way back then…

Today is going to be a good day after all…that just bought back some Sweet Memories…

and fifty years later I have my own real Santa…Big Jean’…Christmas everyday with him…I just showed him the pic of Jake..he could not believe it..he said..now that’s Santa Claus…for sure…

Too Funny !

thats all I got…sending you a Marvelous Monday….👍’s up to ALL the Crazies…Screamin’PeacockFeatured Image -- 11980


9 thoughts on “Pink 👀

  1. hocuspocus to the rescue…

    Honey Salt Pure Water

    The Compound Dihydroxyacetone found in Honey is the Key

    Local Organic Honey or Manuka Honey

    1/4 tsp honey
    1/4 cup pure water
    pinch salt

    Dissolve honey and salt in the pure warm water

    Do not boil…too hot may destroy the compound

    Let cool a bit so you can drop into eyes

    With a clean dropper put a drop or 2 in both eyes every few hours

    Always treat both eyes even if only 1 is affected

    You can use Distilled Water purify it first by boiling the water and letting it cool🎄

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