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Have a 💖


Well…It was great seeing and catching up with my friend Cherie and the attic was sooooo dark…no light..I think she planned it so I wouldn’t stir her crap up…LOL!…BUT…I do have a heart…this Tree she gave me is to nice to cut up to make three trees…Sorry,Cherie I just couldn’t do it..but I’ll save it for you or me next year…it still had the tags on the thing…and that brings me to this…three sections of tree labeled ABC…Really?…does someone have to have directions to put three pieces of tree together…👍’s up to that craziness….anyway..I am still on the hunt for a junker tree…

As I was finishing my errands….I was at the intersection by the mall to make my turn and out of nowhere there was a wreck one foot in front of me…I was stunned…the SUV…flipped over and landed a foot away from my front end of the car…and let me tell you..the Screamin’Peacock was SCREAMIN’…My God was looking out for Deb-ER-K…so I called 911 and May I say..they can ask the stupidest questions…Is anyone hurt…well when I tell you a car is upside down and liquid leaking out…what do you think…DUH!…another 👍’s up…

Thanx to all that stopped to help those peeps out…I haven’t heard anything on the wreck and how the peeps were..I got the crap out of there…

MyJust Ben and Amanda were invited to the Oakley Xtravaganza in Texas and what I didn’t know..he had booth to show part of his collection..he is an advive collector and this was a big deal cause it was by Invitation only…AWESOMENESS!!!!imagered carpet walk…I’m so proud of them…Kool Beans!!!!

And this is Our Tay going to her First Christmas recital last night ..she is just so awesome..Taylor has an old soul..we all new it when she was born..image…..congrats on your singing debut…

Get the Gun out JonBoy..cause them boys are a coming….just remember one thing..you have a step ahead of the game cause you were one of them boys once…and I remember some of your hormones a raging…but I think You and Jen will do well…you have so far..

Well..that’s all I got…sending you a safe Friday….👍’s up to ALL the crazies

Screamin’Peacock…and my friend Sonia has sent me more signoff peacock’simage




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