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Fudge and Fruit cake


I am starting on my Fourth Double Batch of Fudge Today and Daddy wanted to get started on his Fruit Cake…so on our Sunday given..we will be in the kitchen all day today…cooking our hearts out…for the love of our friends n family….and Yes..we are having Sausage and apple cin Buns for Breakfast…

Yesterday ..Daddy wanted to venture out…so we went to Junk Store…Family Dollar store and the small Wally World…No..he didn’t walk all those places but he gave Wally World a try..and he did well..I wish to Thank very one involved with helping a father n daughter team out while shopping…you never know who is watching you…and they were all employees..Awesomeness…Small Wally World….You Rock…

Oooo…I had a treat outing late yesterday also…my sister Gail came up and we went shopping also…had the best time…I needed a little SisterTime and I know she had a good time cause she said…I always make her feel so good inside…Just being around me….Fullfilling my purpose is what I call it but some do not understand….I could tell you the real reason but I would get into some trouble on that…so I will leave it at ..I love my sister…we went to Michael’s sale and they have just about sold out of all Christmas crap but I did manage to find my MoM a new Flower and squigglelly thing…and I found couple of items for my Peacock tree..60 o/o off..so that wasn’t to bad on the budget…

We stopped to get Daddy a Rootbeer Float and a Hotdog at the Sonic..Gail stayed to have some Hot Chocolate and a short visit before she had to go Home…Daddy was excited..and he got presents..too..he got two bags of pecans and they are like getting bags of Gold…

He is a very spoiled old man…LOL!

Ok…The ugly sweater party thing..well Jen n Jon had one to go to and Amanda n Ben had one to go to…I think Amanda is the winner winner chicken dinner..Now take that off….image image….didn’t get one of Jen n Jon yet..TOO FUNNY!!!!

Oh!…this just in…image…it’s Jen…love the headband..not..

I am so glad my lil Families still have their fun….

thats all I got…sending you a super Sunday with Family..👍’s up to ALL the crazies…Screamin’Peacockimage




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