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I am in Tears….☔️

PeCaPeCa…PeCooPeCoo and all the above….Big Jean’ just went to get yesterday’s mail….and a card addressed to me…Oh MY…Who ever this was..I am so blessed to have that secret Peep…You Rock..You never know who’s looking in and at your Life…God watches all and sends Angels of Love .. mercy and grace…I can hardly see the letters to type my Thank You…I am truly blessed with an over abundance of Friends and Family…image imageimage image image…Ida will surely catchup on this…Thank You..Thank You…Thank You…

GOD is GOOD…and so are you!!!

Daddy said..are sure my name ain’t on that…now you know he can’t see but I showed him the envelope and you wrote it big enough….that he could see my name…LOL!!!!


Screamin’Peacock…that peacock has flew in the wrong place again


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