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ChristmasTime up in Here!!!!!


Well…My Amy L. Has left but the door swung open and some more ChristmasTime came in….My Edenton Groupies….

Gift wrapping paper a flying..dogs a running…Daddy trying to dodge all the peeps n dogs with his wheelie…laughter…TV a Blaring…it was CrazyTime..with alittle PorchChristmasTime throwed in…Ahhhhh!…the esscence of Christmas…and these two were the best gifts….image….I must tell you the best story…I got Owen n Tay an art book..and Owen’s was about Monsters..you know..the kind that hide under your bed..in your closet..in the book you had to draw your Good n bad ones…well it didn’t take long for them to settle in on art at Grannie D’s…in about thirty minutes into it…Owen comes running in the Kitchen and said the book tells me to draw a good Monster and an Evil Monster..he said ..I don’t know what Evil looks like…Now I think that is awesome he knows not evil yet but Jonboy popped off and said..well..I do Owen and I have seen it come out of you…I thought I was going to P in my pants laughing cause the Whole Family has experienced that Evil..it is Bad….alittle later he came back in and had drawn what he thought one would look like…His reply..I did my best..and that was good enough for me…

Oh…Daddy was on a roll yesterday also..Amy L. Took us out for lunch before she left…we went to the wing place at the mall…meeting up with Gail…yes…more uncensored fun…I do want to thank everyone at the wing place for helping us with Dadddy..they were awesome…anyway..we have been looking Daddy a good gripping slipper..he just can’t walk the mall so we pulled up to Belks entrance and Gail went in to see if they would let us bring some out to let Daddy try on…well about fifteen minutes here she come with the manger and five pairs of shoes…decide on a pair and I thought we were through..then she came out with another pair..you might like these better so we had to take off the shoes again and try them on…decided on them and Daddy popped off..I sure am glad I wasn’t getting pants…….Too Funny…

Gail said..well..we would have stripped you off right here in the front door and tried them on…to get them…It was a good Day…..

Daddy took another Tumble…I swear this man has rubber for bones…his lesson he learned..not to hold on to the bottom rail of his wheelie…He said they didn’t teach him that in Rehab and he surly was going to tell them they left that step out…Another Funny to me…he didn’t get hurt..he just kinda rolled..

Ok…I got one tree made…and I don’t know if this project is going to the wayside or not…I like it..What you think????image image….haven’t finished the decor yet….

And we got more Christmas coming Today…I get my Red Boots Today…Oh…My Gail got hers and she wore them yesterday and she struck HOT ♨️ again…she looked awesome with her Red Boots On…we are some Kick Ass Women…all styled out….I told Her never to buy big legged pants agin cause she was so slimming in the skinnie Jean…and yes she wears them..Why Not?….age has nothing to do with it…who wrote that book anyway…it must have been that…”THEY”person again…who are THEY…someone please tell me..who THEY are…I wear ’em too…..

Today Daddy..Gail n I are going to take our Christmas Flower to Mama and open some presents…and go on another uncensored shop…after we drop Daddy off…don’t expect us to have a time frame to get back..you just can’t have a time pressure on uncensored fun…Sorry..you will see us when you see us…we will surly miss our Amy L. On this one…LOL!

thats all I got…sending you some Christmas Love on this day given..👍’s up to ALL the Crazies and Craziness

Screamin’Peacock image


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