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Coming to an End…


My twelve days are soon coming to an end and then we have the Grand PooPa of all Days…Christ Birthday…I wish for all to take a moment in that day to Thank God for the greatest gift of all gifts….his child…that will save us…love us…guide us…give us his grace and mercy….Merry Christmas…to all My Peeps….image

and Yes…I got my Red Boots but still can’t open the dang present yet…Gail is sooooo much like my mom that when she tells me that…I just can’t do it even when she leaves..and I know she won’t know I did..is that strange?…the Power of my mom is still lingering around in Gail….it’s a good thing….Too Funny!

We did get to open one…Daddy got a new shirt and I got a reindeer to go with my sleigh and some Olay body wash and some face creme so I can look as pretty as My Gail and My Amy L….Gail always plans Daddy’s out so he can open one everyday til Christmas…yes..they are numbered so he can have the grand one on Christmas Day…she’s a hoot…and I gave her..the tree and her peerikeet and that big ass box of fudge…image…short story on the bird…she loves her birds and well with six dogs in the house..they didn’t last long so I bought her a plastic one that moves and chirps with a motion sensor in it…Oh My..I thought she was going to flip out when she discovered it in the tree…Is that mine? She screams…she was like a little kid with those Christmas morning twinkles in their eyes…

Red Boots and a Plastic Bird is like when she ask for a BB gun and High Heels one Christmas…Too Funny….I guess I got it right or may I say Ida did on a budget…

Today..I got another gift when I called to get my balance…a check had come through early….Wally World and Pig ..Here I come….got to finish getting the trimming for our Christmas dinner..and My Bear a Bone…God does have the plan and he always carries me through….

Thats all I got…sending you some more magic of Christmas on your given day…👍’s up to ALL the crazies and Craziness

…Screamin’Peacock..that dang bird has flew up there again..she always wants to be the star in your day…




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