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Here Goes…..


Our Christmas World at the Jack n the Box…all in Pics…..Our Presents…imageimageimageimage..Our Santa’s were good to Us….and then Our Amy L. Surprized us kinda by coming to spend the rest of Christmas….image image image..Love Tom’s Hat…wears it quite well …..

and I got some kickass socks for my Bootsimage…how Awesome are they…and I got a collar thingie….Warm n soft….image…and Yes..I heard from My Boys and their Family…..image image image image image…Christmas nothing but AWESOMENESS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today we are going to the Farm for a Family Photo Shoot cause Our Meg got a Fancy Dancy Lens and all Katy got was a Boyfriend…Too Funny…For me I am going to have a wardrobe change whith all them Boots…got watch out for Gail’s Rooster when I have my Chicken Boots on with these Chicken Legs…he may think I need ferterlizing…

I been using my Face Creme Gail gave me and I still don’t look as good as them yet….But I’m Funny!!!!!…

Short Story…as you may know..I was a waitress for Mom n Daddy…started when I was thirteen…and sometimes secretly I would think of some of my customers as animals or things and such…for instance..I thought Joe Alcocok looked like a Dalmation Dog…and this one man ..looked like an Oyster in the face..I swear..and now some of my antics have come back to haunt me…now my skin looks like an Oyster…Wrinkles from Hell n Bac…But I guess I enjoyed earning everyone of them….now I’m trying to undefine them so much..that’s what the cream is for….let you know when it happens for me…and don’t get me started on some teeth..I now look like night shift at Billy’s Ham n Eggs…it took the whole crew to make one set of teeth…LOL!..and yes I worked there also..

And Yes..I have already started DeChristmasing the Home..Kitchen Clear..Dining Room Clear…Living Room and Porch..next…

Well..My Peeps..that’s all I got…sending you a calm aftermath of Christmas on this day…or maybe sending you more Christmas on this day given..

πŸ‘’s up to ALL the crazies…Screamin’Peacockimage





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