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Yes…We got leftovers on the Table…Leftovers in the Fridge and some Leftover guests…and some leftover pics that didn’t get posted…

image daddy got in there twice..operator errorimage s’mores cheese cake that my amanda madeimage daddy againimage image amy l. And I looking HOTimage Alittle to much PorchTime for jonboyimage.the new loveboirds…I  was very honored that imagethey chose to stay with me…and we did get some really good pics at the Farm…couldn’t get them on my blog today But I sure looked HOT♨️in my red Boots…more later on that…unless you go on Facebook and see us in Action…It was a Blast…

I hope all had a Marvelous Christmas and Time off from your norm….we still have one more Hoilday …The New Year….Got Plans?

I never do..that is one that I take a backseat too..Too many Crazies..it took just one time and that was it for me…I am a silent new year bring it inner…My Resolution…if you may call it that…Not to make someone feel less than…I try not to in my daily now but it does happen and I try to fix it…Do You?…I have sat back and noticed here lately that a lot of that goes on and it is soooo hurtful…no one should feel that way…take a moment before you speak those hurtful words…

you can’t suck them back in..and you may be the type you are not conscious of doing it…and you may be the type that needs that power over someone cause it makes you feel superior ..because you feel you are less than..you may be the type that is just plain mean…and you may be the type that you lived with it so long being done to that you don’t realize you do it to others..as I always say ..you are what you live with…

So when that moment comes in your daily..take that split second before you tear down or build up…chose…Build up…let’s join the movement of building each other UP….

For my new readers…PeCaPeCa..PeCooPeCoo…and PeDoPeDo is Peacocken Talk for …Good Morning..Good Afternoon and Good Evening…some did not know yet what this meant..just puttin it out there again..

thats all I got…sending you great things in your day given…👍’s up to all the crazies..Screamin’ Peacock…Oh ..we got a new back ground if you haven’t noticed…

Dang..that signoff pic has flown again…



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