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WE GOT HEAT..♨️♨️♨️♨️♨️♨️♨️…God Bless Ray Wood and Company…You Rock!!!!…Good friends to have…and Daddys out of bed..lol!…Screamin’Peacock


6 thoughts on “UPDATE!!!!!!

  1. Oh here’s where I can write! Duh… Couldn’t find a “Reply” line where it usually is. Glad the heat is fixed cause temps have dropped. Bless old friends who stay loyal. Mr. Russell was smart for staying in bed. Did you carry him a cup of coffee in bed to add to his warmth? 🙂 I remember when I moved to Jacksonville when I was going to school down there. Lived in a trailer with another girl; the heater broke, it was freezing cold, had to get up for school and wanted to get somewhere warm so class sounded great. Had to p-p before leaving tho so I broke down and pulled down my britches in that freaking sub-zero bathroom. My pee literally steamed in that toilet cause it was so cold in that place. Haven’t ever forgotten that…now I can’t remember where I put my purse half the time but I can remember that story. What’s wrong with this picture? 🙂 Fresh eggs…nothing finer for sure. Are you still selling them? Glad your old friend dropped by the other day. Sure the both of you enjoyed sharing a moment. Had wondered about him so now I know he’s okay. Glad you’re gonna have a warm day. Eat tons of blackened peas so you’ll be rich rich rich. David has already cooked ours, so today I get to fix the cornbread…oh yeah… Love ya and we’ll continue to “talk” in this New Year. Stay warm.

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