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I did wake up….


Yes,I did manage to turn over at twelve o two..whispered Happy New Year to My Santa…and was out again…Happy New Year to All My Peeps and them that’s not…No…I didn’t go and see the Fireworks..after a long day..I was just to warm and my pj’s on and I just knew that was the end of me….I’m sure Papa Bear put on a good show at the Farm…

Daddy has predicted that he is going to live til at least 2017…I ask him how he knew that…did you have dream..did God tell you that..What?..What?..his reply..No..I just know…ain’t that what all parents say to anything you ask…LOL… reply…Really..Daddy..I got two more years before I can have your room for a dining room..Dang!

The Sally store was having half price on Christmas Crap and I got a deal…forty nine cents for this cutie..and it lights upimage

and yes I Believe…

My Owen sent me a priceless pic yesterday…he was having arts n crafts in his new book… you my Owen..and all them there Curls…

for Supper last night.we had Blackeyed peas…country style steak and cornbread…don’t believe in Luck but went with tradition…The covers Blew all night..

thats all I got for the first day of the new year…sending you a great day given…šŸ‘’s up still for ALL the crazies…Screamin’Peacockimage



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