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Sittin’ n the Dark…


Miss Lily got me up way early..so I decided to sit quietly in the dark and collect my thoughts for my New Day….and Guess What?….I haven’t come up with a Dang thing…Can you believe this magnifacent Brain of mine is empty this morning?….So who knows where this day will go….

I did find this pic yesterday and I want a place in heaven like this…image…or my yard…is’nt it Awesome..

I am working on Larger type setting cause some of my peeps have bad eyesight..as I was told yesterday…it may take me a day or two to find out how to do that…other Bloggers know how?

It suppose to be a Daddy Day today but he was real sick last night so I don’t know if today is a go with our normal first of the month outing..and please..don’t say anything to him..he doesn’t like it when I put it out there for all of you..just know he is better..thanx…I will always keep you in the loop….This time I WILL rip you a New One…you have my word on that…just keep him in your prayers….Thanx again…lets just say ..I thought I was going to get my Dining Room…LOL!..

Well..that’s about all I got…sending you all good things on day two of this New Year…👍’s up to ALL the Crazies…Screamin’Peacockimage…I am always watching and listening…







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