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Got it Right…


Yes..I have the right day today..for doc appointments…won’t bore you with that detail again…but I will tell you a short story about the other day…Daddy’s appointment was at two forty five…and I arrived at two thirty..there were six people ahead of me and in an act of kindness I let this older man with a cane go before me…when I got to my place at three..she said…since you’re late,you may have to wait…well..the fire went right through me But I said nothing back…I let her have that glory she thought she had…and in two minutes they called Daddy back…I just looked back at her and Smiled….Now that’s New for me…cause I would have ripped her a new one..don’t care to much for them up front anyway..it was just another straw added to the pile of dislikes for them…didn’t ruin my act of kindness at all…

And Yes….It’s 🐫 🐪 Day…..I will be making it a two Humper Day…got lots to get done….hope Daddy is up to a long outing…he was not feeling up to par yesterday..he didn’t even want to go with me out on an adventure yesterday…I was kinda bothered by that…found out later he wasn’t feeling well…I hate those things for him…But I did find a new winter coat..for three American Dollars and seems like the weather is going to cooperate for me to wear it…Baby..it’s going to get Cold….it was time for a new coat…I cleaned out my closet for new things to come in and a coat was one of them….how often do you go through your crap?…it was time to refresh..my motto…haven’t worn in six months..it goes…no maybe piles…I guess the reason I do this is because of my RV living..limited closet space and I have carried that here in the Jack n the Box…limited closet space here also…it works for me…And I don’t pay that much for the clothes anyway…Three dollars tops…

thats all I got…sending you a ride on the hump…👍’s up to ALL the Crazies….Screamin’Peacock



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