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Brrr..again..but this time it’s inside…woke up to no heat…Cold up in here…hoping it’s the same thing as before..a jiggle and a wiggle and it will come back on…the problem is getting Santa out of the warm bed and go up in the attic…now that’s the problem…LOL!

For me..I am sitting here with jammies,gloves,hat,scarf and big coat making sure you have a blog…see how much I love my Peeps..Oh..and a Big Cup of RV coffee….👍’s up to the Crazies…that would be Me…

Yesterday was the laziest day…I did nothing..Really…nothing but eat sleep and repeat….so did Daddy…I didn’t even cook..we had Pizza Pizza and today looks no different as I look out my window at the heavy frost…soon to be up in here if Santa don’t get up….COLD…I say!…Haven’t checked on Daddy…I know he’s still alive cause he didn’t flush…and if he has passed..he sure won’t spoil…cause it’s COLD up in here!

Thats all I got…sending you a peaceful Sunday…👍’s up to ALL the crazies…Screamin’Peacock…I’ll let you know about the heat later..unless they find us frozen…image





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