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Hump Day was a Good Day…I went to see Daddy..no change but his spirits were good and that’s half the battle…came Home and my sister Gail called to invite me to lunch with her n Olivia…had pizza..then it was off to take Olivia to dance…Gail ask to do one more stop before visiting Daddy…Gail had a great loss of one of her best friends..Chica her little lap dog…Dennis had her cremated and put in a beautiful wood box…so we went to pick her up…Gail says I feel so silly crying all the time….I tried to console her as best I could…I did get a laugh or two..but she’s not there yet…Then my friend Kelly called and she was on her way to spend the rest of the day…we picked up her up at th house and we were off to see Daddy…to cheer him up with some girl craziness…he’s use to girl stuff…lived with it all his life…we must have got kinda loud cause a nurse stuck her head in and decided to stay a few for some fun and to check and make sure Daddy was Ok..she said it was nice to hear some laughter coming out of a room where’s there’s sickness and old peeps…

Then Gail dropped us off..and we were alone to get some things going on…Delivered eggs to my friend Nik…hoping to see Cj n Matt but them boys were shopping…and Pete was doing was he does in the buildings…I do love me some Pete n Nik…anyway we were off to the Sally Store…Kelly found her a deal on some Big Balls and I found a deal for my Clock Wall…Hey..by the way..I did ask the question before…anyone have a clock you want to just give away..don’t forget to call me..or just throw it on the porch…image image…99 cents a piece…cheap..or ugly..or elegant..my name is Jimmy..take anything you gimme…my motto…Daddy’s motto is..never refuse anything someone gives you..cause one day they might give something you really want…..swung by a PorchTime friend and then it was Pork Chop cooking time…and may I say they were Awesome…It was a Marvelous Day….thanx for everyone that was put in it for that day….let see where will my day go Today??…Let you know tomorrow…👍’s Up to ALL the Crazies n image…What you thinking on your day?


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  1. Glad Mr. Russell is doing okay, overall anyway. And yeah, I bet nurses do enjoy hearing laughter vs. tales of woe all the time. Laughter is the best medicine…. Glad you had a good day with Gail and tell her I understand her tears for her dog; I cried a while after my Shadow died; she had been with us for 16 years and she was MY dog, loved her hairy butt dearly. Sorry, no extra clocks. Love to y’all and a hug to Mr. Russell. And any reason his blood pressure could be bottoming out like that? It’s more normal to hear about the high side vs. it being low.

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