Boot Jewelry…?


Relaxing Saturday..went to Sally Store..didn’t find a thing…got my Toes makeup on them just plain toes….went to see Daddy and there is no change and don’t know when coming Home…My greatest concern..he falling in the bathroom again..we all know he’s going to fall..please not the bathroom again…he has been given the option to go to BayVeiw again for a short rehab but he Deb-er-K needs some heart is heavy for my Daddy…But Please Lord..not the bathroom…I’m hoping that he will let me do some Deb-er-K Magic on setting something up the bathroom is not an issue..anyway..that’s all I got on that…except this pic of the Pain Girl…her name is Jenny…so if you want the full Monty on toes with pain ..see her…yesterday was a breeze..cause I went before they got bad..first one I have really enjoyed…it was NICCCEE…image..Ahhh..the little pleasures…

gail n Gavin gave me these peacock necklaces awhile back and I don’t get to wear them much so I turned them into my Boot Jewelry..Awesome…and they happen to match each of my boots….image image…too kool…

Sad to tell Jen n Jon this but my Peacock RV coffee cup has bit the dust…I was so sad…fell into a million I have been looking a replacement…found it…image

In my quiet time yesterday..I curled these Grey Locks and I hate selfies just look at the hair..LOL!…image…doesn’t look like that this morning..curl does not stay ..wavy is the thing the next day…i did get new reading glasses…

that’s all I got …sending you a calming Sunday…👍’s up to ALL the crazies and craziness…Screamin’Peacockimage



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