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I am not Alone…..


If there’s one thing I know …I am not ever alone in the process of Life and trying to make it in this big world…whether it’s extra bills piling up..care of your parents in their golden years…cooking…cleaning..not enough time in your day….etc….whether you think you are the only one going through hardships..there’s always someone else right there with you…and the one that will never leave you ..is your God you serve..his love and grace will bring you through…your Faith is tested often in these trails…But I say… stay true…and I must say..this Blog helps me get through my day..knowing my peeps are behind me…Thanx a million times over…I am favored…as My Amy L. tells me…I write that to tell you this…if you are thinking about writing a blog..or writing a diary or just writing …it puts a lot of things in perspective for you..seeing it in print..seems to solve itself..I have been writing since 1994..in those books I wrote my most private thoughts and prayers to God…he was my only reader at that time..and now look where he has taken me…and these pages are my thoughts and prayers and doings..maybe to help you…give you a smile in your day..or just to make a new friend across the vast Internet…and just writing this to you ..lifts me out of my mud hole I feel like I’m in..I thank You again and again….

Daddy’s outing was a success …I want to Thank Buster for being my Daddy’s friend and taking this responsibility on..so Daddy may have some Botime…with all his gossiping buddies…LOL!..You Rock my friend Buster…and all those others out there that do so much for Daddy…

Today is a small payday for me..a few bills to pay..and the guys have requested a Ruby Roast Beef Supper…if the Pig has one then that’s what it will be…they were not happy with the cook yesterday..cause I took the whole day off…we had sandwiches for supper..Yes..I stayed in my pjs all day..played on the computer..watched TV…NO Cooking..

Ahhhh!…the small pleasures…It was all about ME…

thats all I got…sending you some small pleasures in your given day..

imageScreamin’Peacockimageall my Peeps in a Tree talking with me





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