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Ruby Roast..it was…


Daddy must be getting soft in his old age…he said that Ruby Roast Supper reminded him of our Family Sunday Dinner…Now that’s a compliement….I was beaming…it did taste good…and I even fixed a Togo Baggie for a friend of mine…all he has to do is pick it up..I know he’s a reader so he will back track to town when he reads this…LOL!

Daddy also wanted to cook something so Rice n Tomatoes it was…and they were awesome also…I must tell you..at the end of cooking..Daddy had another bottom out Blood Pressure..we managed to get him to the bed before falling out…he stayed laying down with cold rag for about thirty minutes and then got back up to see what the damaged was..It had subsided and back to his norm…really scary ..but he made it through one more time…No..he didn’t want to call 911..so I sat down at my desk til he was ready to get up…No Panic here…at least on the outside…I have always respected my Daddy and when it comes to these things..I still have to let him lead…went to the bathroom this morning and he is still breathing…he says..it just not my time to be called Home……

We did manage to have an outing…Junk Store..and the Pig…he even wanted to walk around the Pig shopping..cause I got a check and he wanted some extra treats…Too Funny….let me see…Ice Cream..some of these funky fried green beans…salted roasted peanuts and a pork butt…yes that’s a combination…anything goes when it comes to Daddy..especially if he keeps Thad at bay…I’ll spend it all to keep him away…LOL!

I just found out yesterday we had a junk store cross the river and now it’s closing…Dang!…missed out on that one…Haven’t found any good stuff the last couple of times I’ve been to Sally Store and I guess that’s a good thing..Ida is working hard on the budget…it’s a bad month..Taxes due…bills coming in…you know the norm for all of us peeps…I have always thought they should give the hard working peeps at least two months of no bills at all…Jan. and Feb..is my vote…

thats all I got….sending you a fabulous Friday

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