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Yes..I do believe at this moment..I see the Sun..don’t know how warm it will be but she’s out this morning…yesterday was one miserable day..Daddy managed to sleep til ten thirty so when he did get up I ask him if he wanted Lunch instead of breakfast…Oatmeal was the choice..not my fav but I wasn’t eating it…took a short trip to Wally World …had to get dog n cat food so I pick up some pot pies for supper..love me some pot pies…

anyway the day went on as a usual day..watched a lot of TV…slept and eat just as I said I would do..it felt kinda good to have a rainy day..Today I have got some things that did to get done…Laundry..fresh beds..bathroom…mopping..doesn’t that sound like alot of  Fun…

Well..I have always let my boys have free expression and they have carried that through with their wives…Amanda has a new do…imageshe has dreads this week..this was her last weekimageit’s all about fun in your living I say …go for it…is what I have always told my boys…a saying I like….you are not your hair…you are not the color of your skin…you are what is within…and that’s were my love lies….You Rock..Amanda…

thats all I got…sending you a colorful change in your day given…

imageI say!!!!!




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