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Got it Done….


Yes..got it all done yesterday …and today is a Brand new week to start it over again…or even some new things…

I have been watching the OWN network for about a two weeks now and I have had my eyes opened to a lot of things from the Sixties on Race…and I don’t usually get on the band wagon of race but this has been an eye opener for me and I lived in that era…well..yesterday was about Dark Girls and Light Girls….I did not know so much conflict amongst themselves about the different shades of their skin…and how they are graded and treat one another…WOW!…usually when whites hate another white it ain’t about his or her shade of white…this makes me very sad…if you get that station ..try to watch some of it if interested…as I said quoted yesterday…you are not your hair…you are not your skin..you are the soul within..it’s from a song…there’s another program coming on about SagHarbor..didn’t know this either…have I been under a rock?…Just putting that out there..

On a Happier note..My Jonboy called to chit chat yesterday..he’s going to build another bike..this one is for sale..I am so excited about his talent..all is well at Wanchese…grandkids and wife are all doing well…

Daddy made us a cream cheese spice cake yesterday and this time no help from me…he did good..he even washed all the pots n pans…he had planned to try and go to church yesterday…but the episode stopped him he had earlier this week…he misses his church and peeps…watching it on TV is not the same…maybe one day…

dont have any plans for today…but I’m ready to take it on…that’s all I got..sending you a sparkle in your day…imageScreamin’Peacockimagegot my eye on the prize..P.S.A huge HAPPY BIRTHDAYS to my HunterMan..he is sixteen today


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