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Are These Coming..Too Fast…🐫 ðŸª


Yes..I do believe Hump Days are passing us by way too fast…but this one I like cause it’s…A Check Hump Day…now thats a Good Two Humper Day for me….🐫

And Its almost the end of this month also…Bill paying and Wally World…

Well..My Pork Butt cooked out pretty good for my very first one..But the gravy was Corner Grill grade…no biscuits left..sopped that gravy up…Daddy was proud of me..he said before I die..I’ll have you cooking like your Mom..and I taught her…LOL!..he really did cause she didn’t know crap about cooking when they got married…and my Mom was the best…Remembering those Sunday Dinners…Awesomeness!

I Thank each of you for your support and comments on yesterday’s blog..I realize it’s not me..it’s on themselves

I did tell a little lie..I found me another clock the other day..99 cents..Sorry!

image..that makes number ten..my wall is coming together..I have put a price limit on myself..no more than 99cents..at the Sally Store…as I sit here in the dark typing and its all quiet..I hear time ticking away..tick..tick..tick..tick…

crazy obession with Time…

I got a Class Reuion coming up..forty five years…don’t go to many of them..it’s still so ..clickie..like segration…everyone in those groups…lower ..middle and high society…I was in the middle…but I associated with all..kinda leaned towards the underdog..they were truer themselves..I have always been for the underdog…it’s kinda like when I moved in a trailer park with the RV and my Mom hit the ceiling..there are crazy people..trashy people in every neighbor hood..with money or no money…I don’t look at that..I look at their story and everybody has a story…if you stop and listen..

I always learn something from their story…Wow..got off of my subject there..took a left turn…must have needed to say those things..I think I’ll wait for the 50th year…

Is there someone in your grammar school years that you wonder what happen to them…I have only one..his name was Dennis Leathers..he sat behind me..his clothes were always pressed and fresh..always wore a suit jacket…he was so funny..he would always be late For school and would carry his breakfast in his coat pocket..bacon..toast..etc..I always wondered where he went..I do know he lost his Dad in that year and someone told me..him and his brother moved away after that..just curious of where he went in this big old world…I type his name some times on facebook and do get many but none are him that I go to …Just wondering as I listen to the tick of Time…

thats all I got…sending you a great Hump Day…





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