Tattoo’s..Birthday’s..and Band


imageYes..it’s my lovely daughter in laws Birthday and we at Tataysfancypantsemporium wish her a Great Big Day…and also promoting her new Travelin’light Band…image..Have a great day and much success in the two man show…You are exception young lady…and a super mom of our Taylor n Owen…HAPPY Bday…

Our Amy L. Has been in the tattoo chair..Awesome tat…image..I’ll be waiting for my awesome peacockimage one for my Birthday…LOL!

I can’t believe it is Friday already..where did the week go..gone..I say..just gone but i did leave a mark…lived it well…Today I have a Doc appointment..just checking the old blood pressure…let’s see..I am off caffeine…stopped cigs…taking two BP pills…nic levels are way low..yes I am still on the Hooka…so I should be good..RIGHT?…

Well..I surprized the guys last night with our monthly Steak Supper…if you get a chance,go to the Pig and get one of those Rib Eyes with Bone…for the money it’s the best..nothing like the Pig and still having a Meat Cutter for fresh meats..I buy meat no where else anymore…I’m all about the Pig….

Yesterday Daddy wanted to try staying at BoTime by himself so I dropped him off..made sure he got to the table fine with his buds and I was gone..Fred bought him home and he had a good time out…Koodos to Daddy for all his efforts of making the best of what he got lefts…

it’s drizzling rain here ..so an outing might not be today..But you never know til the old man gets up…I am willing if he is…

Another clock to the wall..99 cent again….Well..the pic is up at the top and I ain’t changing it cause everytime I do I delete a whole lot of writing..when trying to fix it and time is ticking away…LOL!

thats all I got…sending you some extra ticking in your given day…

imageScreamin’Peacock…and my signoff peacock has flown up there with it…Geeee’s…



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