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Last Day…


….Last Day of the month to live it to its fullest and make your mark on January….cause Febuary is a coming in…the month of ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️..

Yesterday was quite the Adventure with Daddy…he got up feeling mighty cockiest and spree…wanted to start something with me right off..but Deberk was on it…I sounded right back..we laughed and laughed…I left him alone again at BoTime and told them guys to handle it Today…cause he was feelin’🐸ie…and my Doc appointment was the pits…blood pressure was still High..just add another bigger pill…Really?…no A for efforts in cleaning out this old body of caffeine or nicotine….Dang..I might as well get back on the train of smoking and caffeine…What up with dat?

I told her it was High cause I was High on Life…she didn’t fall for that….just another pill…😡

I want to send a Shoutout to my cuz Faye…life is throwing her a biggie …we are here for you and praying that all goes well..just remember what I said…you have two and that’s al I got to make you smile…Waller alittle bit and then FIGHT with all you got….Love you bunches from your Deb-ER-K..

Dont quite know what the day will bring cause the big Dog ain’t up yet..he is breathing so I know he’ll have a plan when he gets up…LOL!

Daddy’s Christmas Flower is blooming…he thought I didn’t know what I was doing when I put it in water instead of that crappie soil they give you..

image…he still thinks I haven’t learned a thing….I am still five years old in his mind…Well..that’s all I got…

sending you a bright spot in your last day of the month…imageScreamin’Peacock..imageStill looking in that Crystal Ball…of LIFE….



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