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Surprizes all Day…


Yesterday was a buzy surprizing day for Daddy and me…first off I took him to BoTime,usually there is not many of his groupies there on Saturday but to our surprize there was two tables full of conversation…Daddy just knew he was going to have a good BoTime….and Fred would bring him Home…and for me..I came Home and started mopping the floors..yes ..the smell of pinesole…lemon scented..love it…and alittle laundry..while waiting on the laundry..Sally Store..hear I come and it was a Jack Pot ..I had to weigh out my budget cause there was so much stuff..or crap…two shirts..two rugs for my AD bedroom(Bright Orange)OOoo..nice color…and three large pillow cases…Oh and a cool rug for the front door and it was a discounted item….AND I can’t seem to get that pic on here maybe later is closing..GRRRR!!

when we both finally got Home…a tap on the back door…you could have knocked me over with a feather…it was one of the all naturual Brick Shthouse Boys..Gary…let me give you alittle history on these magnifacent Men…there was Ronnie J….Ralph Jr…..Gary..Tony and Gerald and of course throw a girl in there..Sandra Jean…these were THE cuz’s..of my childhood…Mama’s sisters clan…all natural Bricksht house built muscular men but short..LOL! They are from the small town of Saratoga…. They were and are special to me…he was here for a meeting and decided on the way out he would stop to see his Uncle Russell and the Pencil Plan began and it grew..I cannot announce this just yet til Daddy tells his brothers..so Uncle Addison and Uncle Foy..I am calling you out to call Daddy some time soon…that’s all I got on that..

It was getting close to Supper time and I had not decided on anything for supper cause big Jean’ was working…Daddy invited me out to Smithfields and I jumped on it cause we don’t get to eat out much…and Daddy is expecting his SS Tuesday so he was spending his extra wallet money…LOL!

What a great day we had….Priceless!

OK..peeps..I am not a Pill Lover but I needed a good night sleep..here’s my CockTail..a muscle relaxer..a octodone and some PorchTime…I knew nothing til six thirty this morning and I feel Rested…Thank You Lord..

lets see if I can get that pic of the rug now..nope!

thats all I got…sending you a Super Sunday

👍’s up to all the crazies..cause I can’t even get my signoff pics…Screamin’Peacock



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