Today is a doc day for biggie…just blood…BoTime before hand..we made our plans last night so no surprizes on our outing….Now yesterday…I slept and cooked all day…French Toast and Bacon for breakfast…slept….for Supper..Mac n cheese…cabbage and left over gravy n pork on toast…we were stuffed…we all were lazy in the Jack n the Box….all day….

i think I may have the pic thing today..let’s try…here’s my rug…imageyea!!! dollar…Daddy imageeven liked it and that’s a first for him to say….and his worm dog can’t roll it up in a ball..that’s even better…unless she decides to P on it then it’s trash for a dollar

What makes me so mad is..Daddy says ..I don’t know why she uses the bathroom in here and I want to say..cause you never take her out…DUH!..he says back..cause she don’t use it out there anyway..I say..then how did you roll your wheelie in her terd..if she don’t use it outside..and you might say..Deborah ..Why don’t you do it and I would say..cause she hates me and won’t go out for me…I promise you again..his last breathe is her last breathe…in the box she goes with him….WOW!..that went off in left field…just expressing some undertow..LOL!

I know I can tell Ya’ll anything with your lips sealed..cause this is our secret place…Right?…thats what I thought…Thank You!

thats all I got…sending you a Merry Monday….imageScreamin’Peacock..sign off pic is up there and I was doing so good…


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