another SS Day…


Yes..another SS day…it’s daddy’s turn to spend today…SS check..Daddy and Me on an outing..BoTime..Bank…Bills..and The Pig…already got the plan set last night after Supper..another Corner Meal..Barbqued Ribs..Cabbage n Corn…biscuits…we may be low on dollars sometimes but this crowd eats good…bills paid and warm..Life gets no better..

Daddy was not feeling well on his trip to BoTime yesterday so I decided to stay with him til Doc appointment…I had to move from the Men Table..they are like a bunch of teenage boys..saying anything to get somebody rallied up so they can take jabs at each other..I thought I was back at the Grill dealing with them…I was just a mumbling to myself over them guys…Geee’ old are they?….if there is one thing I know for sure..if you can dish it out then you better be able to handle being dished too…and none of them me…I waited on all of them at the Grill..and I was the best Disher…so I have decided about this bunch that they do this to keep the Blood Pressure Up and heart pumping amongst keep them all a live…LOL!…to show up the next day and see who’s turn it is..Too Funny!…I’m always for the names..cause they know when I’ve got their back and so does the rest…they don’t mess with Deb-ER-K….

They are all truly a nice bunch of men..

i know many of you know what Pintrest is and I found a tree that I would love for Christmas this year..already sent a pic to my Jonboy cause he could make it happen if possible..imageisn’t it kool..and one that I know I could do…imageI just love them…


thats all I got…sending you a sweet spot in your given day..imageScreamin”Peacock…imagenice Sittin’ with you this morning…


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