Phone Calls….


Nothing like a phone call before six to ruin your morning sleep…How does a Boss lock themselves out of the store???????…one that leaves her keys in the store just because it’s not her shift to close but open…Duh!…Needless to say Big Jean’ was the Super Hero to get up and ride ten miles to open the door on his day off…and then she had the nerve to call back to find out if he had left yet…I just said…Duh!…and hung up…

Taking a deep breathe and have washed all that get on with this glorious day…Given…

I do believe…I have a new peep joining in on reading from the BoTime Man Table..and if he is reading daily..I would like to mention again to those who do not know….what is written in this Blog is not BoTime Table Talk…this is my Secret Place to keep you in touch with my Daddy’s well being ..for those that love him and want to know…Keep it amongst yourselves..what I write….also have a lot more new peeps smile is always bigger with added peeps…You make MY day….

I would like to Thank Fred and Buster again for being such a good friend to Daddy…they are on top of my list..always willing to do whatever they can for Daddy as well as for me…just a phone call away at all times…they have kept my secret place well….THANK YOU!

Yesterday SS Day was good..Daddy hung right in there with all the stops and starts…Bills paid..Dollars in his pocket …Food in the Freezer..all is good in the Jack n the Box…

As you may know my Sister Gail makes and finishes Quilts…and that is her niche and craft…She is working on one for our Amy L….finally she has taken a pic of one so I can share…Magnifacent Job…image…she also teaches classes and has a shop on ten mile fork rd…interested in a quilt or class..or if you need one long armed…this is the girl to go too…Gail is a perfectionist in her craft..I am so PROUD of her…

well..I thought I was going to be able to get me two new tires but a POPUP strikes again…My Big Jean’ is not an American citizen…his green card played out years ago and to his fault..he never renewed it and now it’s time to file for his SS Check and can’t till all that crap is’s all about the money and everytime you call the people..its Money…Money…we’re up to Five Hundred at this point to get legal…the only question I have did he get a soctal security card…served in our navy…paid all his taxes out of his checks and has to do this before he can get it…and yes..he takes his fault in not renewing in the situation…his brother went to do this a couple years ago and they put him in a jail cell at imagration til he got all his paperwork and Money in order…Crazy and Funny at the same time….You got to Laugh…his family has been here since Jean’ was four…they came here from France..yes..I have a little Frenchman..I have another secret name for him that a friend of mine gave him long ago but it can’t be typed…LOL!..Short Fat F F..ER…that’s because he came and upset the applecart..for him…another Laugh out loud moment for me….Men and their testosterone…

I wish to Thank my Amy L. And Goodegg for their unspoken deeds they are constantly doing for Daddy..Big Jean’…and their Deb-ER-K…no one but us will never know what they have unselfishly given in a lot of years….Daddy and I were just talking about it…we are at awe…

thats all I got…sending you a thankful moment in your given day…imageScreamin’Peacockimagealways watching over us







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