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JULY 25th..


WOW..WOW…WOW…yesterday was a Fun Filled Day…Daddy went with Fred to BoTime and I was Free for the morning..but I just couldn’t pass by BoTime  and not check on him..had to stop..them guys was laughing and having a good time…Buster needed a ride they firgured out who was riding with who at that time..so I said I would take him Home..Busters ears perked up and said What?…daddy said Deborah K. Is taking you home..Daddy said just close your eyes and hold on..Too funny!..non the less he refused my ride..so the preacher stepped in after the blood came back in Busters face…I told him..he was missing a ride of a life time…in the Peacock Car…it was still a NO….

Sorry I’m alittle late but I took another one of those CockTails before bed..

anyway..the Plan for the Party is set..July 25th..Saturday..at the Fire Station in Saratoga…Pig Cooking for Reuoin…Birthdays in July..who cares..we just going to have a Party…Daddy and Gary are the party planners..as far as invitation..Daddy has made his calls to his peeps and I have made mine..this is yours…everybody invite your own peeps..so don’t use an excuse..I didn’t get invited…if you’re Family then so be it..here it is..and as far as we know what each family can do is bring  a dish of something so it won’t be so hard on Keith n Gary on cooking sides…and if you don’t want to do that..slip some dollars in an enevelope..and if you don’t want to do that..just bring your happy ass on..nothing is set in stone…We are just wanting a Pig Party…..Daddy says the only way it won’t happen..if we have a death..mainly his…but if he has his money saved up..then go on with the party…Too Funny!…You have plenty of time to prepare getting off work..saving gas money whatever you got to do to get there…write it in blood on your calendar…

Daddy was feeling pretty good yesterday so him n I did alittle yard work..trimming up the grapevine..trimming up his fruit trees..just having a wonderful Daddy n Deb moment..in what he loves…Priceless!

Well..I got them Taxes Paid..one more monkey on the back at the Jack n the Box..one down..one more to go…getting Santa legal..so he can get his SS..check…I want to Thank Amy L. And Goodegg for all they did for the Jack n the Box..AGAIN…Ida was sweating…badly…

I am stirred up on a new project..Santa and me new room..we’re taking Amy L.’s room for our bedroom..and I have some great plans..not doing it til AD but I am going ahead and prepare the walls and floor for some COLOR….metallic silver walls..stark white trim…and ORANGE as my  accent color..soooooooo…EXCITED….image imageimageAlready started collecting imagesome stuff…rugs and trickets…I have picked out my curtains but they have to wait til next check…they are at Wally World…16.95 a pair…no others will do…

Oh..I saw this on Pintrest..I want one in the front yard to sell my crap this spring n summer…Daddy likes it a lot..I got the pic big enough that he could see it..Too Kool!,,imageis that not awesome….?…I do believe my Santa could make me one..anybody got anything we could hack up for FREE…

Amy L. Gave me these nice sunglasses after she got her a new pair and they were awesome..well they finally broke yesterday and I had to go to the dollar tree and get me another pair..now her’s didn’t cost no dollar..they got some kinda name hung on them…and lots of dollars…and I also know she has another gimme on the way of a new pair…so I went cheap on the fill in til I get the other ones…sorry the pic is up there..dang..I was doing so good…

thats all I got..sending you a terrific Thursday…Well thumsup is up there also..CRAP!..I’m going to stop ..




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