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Making piles..of stuff..


For me ..yesterday..I did nothin’..I was going to take Daddy to BoTime but Fred beat me to it..I was going to go get some gas..the line was long…I was going to get all dollied up to go to Linch..didn’t do that either..so I played in the Jack n the box making piles of crap for my sisters to take out of here..I am cleaning out stuff I know I don’t want when AD happens and its some things that they wanted…

One of my best friends brother passed so I ask Daddy to make a cake of his chosing to take to her….there is nothing better than Chocolate when you’re sad…depressed..lady period…or just getting together with Family…image..and she also had some surgery…and her mom is very sick…Triple hitter for the Family…my prayers and thoughts go to all at this time…Daddy did this one on his own..I just cleaned the edges up..

My Gail finally woke up to call and tell me..her mouth just had some trauma and they gave her pain pills..muscle relaxers..antibotics..Now them muscle relaxers are some bad boys…when you’re through the taking them ..snapping someone’s head off is the best way to describe that withdrawal..it’s not them when that happens..it’s YOU…Trust Me when I say that…been the Reciever and been the doer…LOL!…

I was corrected yesterday when I wrote caretaker..does it really matter..whether it’s caretaker…caregiver…caredoer…I just do whatever it takes…I have three peeps that correct me all the time on my Blog…My Just Ben…My JonBoy and Brillo…they know I can’t spell ..but they LOVE to correct Deb-ER-K…it’s all good…I just laugh..at them and you probably laugh or smile also…at some of my spelling or descriptions..then I have done my purpose…Give you a smile for the day…

dont know what today will bring..but I do know there’s a Bath in the mix today and maybe some toe work…gas for the Bird…junk store..

thats all I got….sending you a Smiling Saturday…imageScreamin’Peacock…imageand yes I have spell check and if it wanted me to correct it then it should have done it…




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