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Special Day…


Honoring my Mom”s Birthday as I have ever since she passed…A Dollar Doublecheeseburger..Fries..Applepie and a Milkshake from McDonald’s by her Gravesite and a New Pic for her Flower…that meal was her go to feel good meal…cause it was something she couldn’t have….’THEY’said..

Happy Birthday … Mom…image image we all miss you….

Today is suppose to be a nice sunny warm Sunday…Big Jean’ and I and maybe Daddy are going to give some of the trees a haircut….and a Sunday Brunch …invited Leftover Friend…he has decided he makes the best potato salad so I said bring it on…Oh..there will be a blog on that….and I think Daddy may try going to Church this morning…he feeling Froggie…so Jump..🐸

Yesterday was a feel good day for me…bath time..makeup…Red Blouse..black pants and my Red Boots…I was ready for some Deb-ER-K Time….first stop…Sally Store and it was a Hit…I found me some burnt orange Sheet and pillow cases for our future bedroom…it was meant to be for me…and I got a bamboo shade..a real nice one…and I got this cute little worm…image..is he not just plain CUTE…you know you want him…and I got this adorable ashtray…even though I don’t smoke cigs anymore but I must be considerate of they who do that enter the Jack n the Box…couldn’t pass this up..it goes with my outdoor theme…image…Too Stinken Cute as my Amy L. Would say…

and as I was strolling around for more goodies..I was approached by this guy..he said excuse me but I would like to tell you what a breathe of a fresh Spring Day you look today..I just beamed and said why thank you..it turned out to be one of my egg customers..he’s never seen me all done up…Pj’s and a Ponytail…is what he gets when he comes to get eggs…of course that was not my first rodeo with a complement of the morning..cause Santa had already told me I looked Hot…before I left for my day…LOL!…Red must be my color..it was my Mom’s..she wore it well..you just knew when she entered a room..that the Queen had arrived…

After my finds..I went to deliver the cake to My Nik…May I say OMG…we had the best Chit Chat..laughed..tears…and just a good ol’ Nik n Deb Time…I love her..she is right up there with my Amy L. And Gail….we got so involved in our visit..I forgot I had to pick up Daddy…the bird was in Flight..barely stopping at lights and signs to get yo Boj’s ..I didn’t want the rath of Thad all day…But he was understanding and just knew I was having to good of a time with Nik…the only thing he said was..are you going to forget me that fast when I die…Too Funny!….I didn’t even reply to that…

that’s all I got…sending you a Sunny Sunday with lots of shine on your day given..imageScreamin’PeacockimageFly On….




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