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Turned it around….


Yesterday was a messy rainy cold day but took a positive attitude and turned that into a great day in the Jack n the Box…Daddy had his BoTime and I had some Time…Sally Store and Wally World…a trinket for me and I found PaPa Bear a shirt..hope he likes it…Brand New..name brand…Three American Dollars…image imageAlways have my Family on my mine when I shop..and the trip to Wally World was to get a Apple pie and Ice Cream to go with our PotRoast…image image And Yeast rollsimage imageimage…Daddy wanted to know if I was cooking his last meals..cause that’s two in a row that is his favorites..Too Funny…I just thought I would Sunshine our day up…and I did.. Tonight is leftover Roast and Gail brought us some ribs…Oh..she has finished another Queenie..but no pic yet…this one is Deneen’s her number two daughter…

Its going to be another cold damp day but I got that also…Laundry day and dog hair day…and of course BoTime if Daddy gets up in time..he’s still snoring…

thats all I got…sending you…YES….a great 🐫 day…..well you know already what happened here…👍’s up is up there…imagefeelin’ cute today…Screamin’Peacock


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