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Never Too Many….


Yes…there never too many Peacocks …I found this one in the new Spring Collection at the Family Dollar..it has a solar light in the back…Too Stinken Cute..as my Amy L. Says…image…Play Sipders and Peacocks are my Thing…

Daddy gave me some extra dollars..for the month…so I spent them…

Gail and Olivia came to take us out to Lunch yesterday and to our surprize we have another lunch date today with Faye and her…we feel so blessed…

Now I must tell you this..if you ever takes us two out ..we’re a package deal…you have to pay for both of us…LOL!…or just leave me Home…another LOL! Moment…I don’t mind..sometimes you just have to experience Daddy alone….another LOL!…just put that in your memory bank…

Daddy was watching one those cooking shows and made one the desserts he saw…trying it out Today..let you know how that was…maybe tonight we get to eat it or he may take it to BoTime…Who knows?…cookies and cream..what’s not good about that…

It’s another cold day..play time will be inside for me today…Daddy is getting ready for BoTime…so his day is set…Big Jean’ will be working..Oh..Alone I will be for a few hours…Hmmm!..that sounds real good…

thats all I got…sending you a warm spot in your day given..imageScreamin”Peacockimageand that’s the news as I tell it..




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