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Well they have changed my Word Press again…why can’t they leave this thing it better…we’ll see when I get to the end to post….I didn’t even have the other way done right yet…Geee’s…

yes…It’s the day of LOVE❤️❤️❤️❤️……I’m here to say I have this day everyday with my here’s to all you that don’t…HAPPY VALENTINES DAY…and a bar of chocolate🍫 from TayTaysFancyPantsEmporium…

Sally Store..excuse me..I’m changing this to Sally Boteak…peeps are getting it confused with the Sally Store Hair product place…and yes the spelling is is on purpose…for you educated spelling perfectionists out there..LOL! know who you are…anyway…no goodies so I decided it was time to pay Roses a visit and buy some new dish rags cause Daddy wipes everything with my other ones…Stains on them are Questionable…I’ve caught him doing some weird things with them…from A to Z…
I also checked out their new Spring Stuff…didn’t see anything I couldn’t live without…I did see one thing but it has to wait for AD….

Oh..I have finally got rid of all the towels and wash rags that mama had since we lived on King St..Fifty some odd years ago… could read a newspaper through them…and Daddy loved I gave them for cake layer rags…Yes..they are odd stains..

I have no set plans for this Love Day..wide open for whatever comes my way…
That’s all I got..sending you some love through the Internet…And now my pics don’t comes up as numbers and letters and crap…so bac to the old way…
👍’s up to ALL the crazies..Screamin’Peacockimage..see what I meam…crazy stuff….
p.S.jst saw on the posted showed the pic..I’ll have to remember that…


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