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half a Month…..Gone…

Yes…a half a month gone already…and this is a couple days short month… Spring will be here before we can blink an eye..and I’m ready..don’t think Bear is going to let me have any dirt left in my flower beds…he’s digging to Hell I think…maybe his grave..cause I feel like killing him…Grrrr!
Ok..’THEY’say…I am up for a Free Tattoo..so I’ve been looking around..picked a few out..What you think?…Yes..I already know how some of you feel so let’s don’t beat that dead horse any more…My First pic…imageimage…these two are my favorites..down the spine…when you are all sagging..you have to pic a place that the tat wil not look like a withered feather..LOL…then my next would be across the chest area..image
And then my pic for shoulder….imageimage
And I really like this for my arm..but I would like the head put in that top curl..
image..wrinkles are a problem…Well..what’s your favorite?
Not your opinion of Tattoos just if you had to pic one for me…
well..Daddy went to Church and did well…and his Buddy Mr.Taylor and his wife Liz Taylor took him out to Sunday Lunch…Daddy has some Awesome Friends…for me..I did nothing..I did manage to take a Sunday Bath and did my hair..and that was about it..Watched a lot of TV..and played games on iPad…and Ate..it was Tooo Cold do anything else…
My morning looks like I will be on the telephone to Blue Cross Blue Shield..I got new cards last week and went to present them and they tell me at Realo they are no good..I have been dealing with this since November..I don’t understand..Realo says I am not alone..a few of their customers are having the same problem…sounds like operator error on their part…another three hours on the phone wasted…maybe this time it will be straightened out..???????
That’s all I got…sending you a good Monday start to your week…image..Screamin’Peacock….image


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