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The Ice is so pretty but damaging..I know..and the Peacock has suffered but hasn’t given up…lost one tail feather but we to let it thaw out before trying to fix anything…image..😕
OMG! Peeps…Daddy is already up n ready to go and the car is a frozen block of ice..BoTime is not going to close if he don’t get there..I told him it’s going to take more than two minutes for it to defrost..Daddy is not a patientman when it’s something he wants…👍’s up to that Crazy…
supper last night was soooo good..usually there are more dressing one piece of chicken left..and a bowl of gravy is all we got…for leftovers..we chowed down…
I got the best compliement yesterday from one of my peeps…Mr.Hap..told me I was a good writer..yes..he’s a Peep of TayTay’ will wear that feather well..cause I get a lot of ragging from some of the Scholar peeps for my in correct spelling and puckuation..Now that spelling is funny..Thanks..Mr.Hap…
And Daddy wants to I write everyday and go nowhere for info..he says he wishes he could see to read so he could be a Peep..what he don’t’s all about him..most of the Time…Too Funny!..Oh…Thanx for keeping our secret place from him..he hates it…
Ok..Insurance…I was sitting here yesterday morning a pondering this called the MarketPlace..and I got a girl that knew her business..come to find out when I called in November to resign up…the girl I talked to then opened up FOUR applications on me and thats when it went from sugar to sh..t..this girl corrected all mistakes and hopefully it will be settled soon..she could not believe all that has been going on..👍’s up to the craziness..No tears on this conversation..I held my ground strong…..thanx for all your concern over Deb-ER-K.. wheelin’around and around..ready to go..that’s all I got..sending you a safe day..Screamin’Peacockimage
image…thanx for having my back


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