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new Recipe….

Yes..we got a Chococlate cake..a new recipe I saw on the facebook feed..and it will not get a second enjoy you BoJangles Boys…It’s not that it is not was a challenge for Daddy and now it’s been done and on to a new one…as Daddy’s not my bag….image…you know you are Daddy’s test ginea pigs…LOL!
Another big hit at Supper…we had BLT’s..I have found the best Bacon..applewood by the Pig…
Today is a small payday so a short run to Wally World..Bills…and yes..the Sally Boteak…it was close yesterday..maybe they got a lot of new crap…
What I got out of yesterday…God’s Light Show with the ice..if you don’t believe in him with that show he put on for us yesterday then you are missing out my peeps…it was God is still the best at giving you his best…I rode around for about an hour just praising him and all his glory…that’s what I got out of Feburay 19th…
I’m sure I got a lot of 👍’s up on my driving…LOL!
Poor Peacock…she has permantely lost a TailFeather…and the rest are sunburnt from the years…so..My Just Ben…save some money cause mama needs another bird..Fresh for Spring would be a good time for a surprize…LOL! Again..
She’s still spinning…’s been four months since my last cig..and I have one thing to say..when are you suppose to feel that blast of goodness everyone has told me about..the only positive is..I don’t stink…am I to old to feel that which I was it old about????…all you quitters out there..let me know
And I also have put caffeine back in my mix..
Well..I hear the razor a buzzing..that means..warming up the bird for BoTime…and cake…
That’s all I got…sending you a warm sun shiney day given…image…Screamin’Peacockimage..taking flight


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