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Is It Friday?..already…

I can’t believe its Friday already…another week down and one more left in this month..Holy Crap..Time to do the Bill thing again…Ida has been buzy…
And another empty Cake Plate…I think they liked it…and the Kitchen took the whole pie…I have a friend that works in the back and she heard Daddy had made a sweet potato she came out and helped herself..not to a piece but the whole pie…Too funny..Daddy didn’t mind cause Jackie is a favorite in my and his eyes..that is one hard working girl…I use to work with her at Billy’s Ham n Eggs..we were quite the team..Tony..Jackie and me..the all night crew…FunTimes…
I don’t know what’s going on with the Sally was closed again yesterday..????..any goers know…What Up??
I’m having withdrawals..made a short shop at the small Wally…I do love that store..cause you are not distracted by all that other crap and spend less money..Ida likes that..and the peeps that I have encountered there are exceptionally nice..and no CRAP in the ailses to trip you peeps talking on cell phones while’s a nice shop…enjoyable…I say..
Well..Our imageLeft for her trip to Israel last night…Hope she has a wonderful safe time..Please pray that she stays safe..this is her second trip over there..
We want our Megster back..soon..I need a haircut…LOL!
One thank you..I haven’t given..this to everyone that stays with Daddy at BoTime til I come pick him up..they are true troopers for staying the extra THANK YOU…Mr.Westbrook especially..he is there no matter what time I come get Daddy..he also needs a prayer..he had a wreck the other day and is quite sore and now they have totaled his car…he may need a ride..til things straighten out for him..I’m there..
Ok..I put some birdseed out yesterday and when I got back there were about twenty birds..what kind of bird is…Brown heads and black bodies..I mean you can really tell the markings are brown head and black bodies..Anyone???
I hear that Razor a buzzing so that’s my Q to do..Crank the Bird and lets go…
That’s all I got …sending you a Fabulous Friday…image…Screamin’Peacock…image


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