My first time Barbqued needs alittle tweaking but the guys said I did a good job for my first time..there was none left in the pot for supper and I fried mama’s cornbread with it and that helped…I will try that again..
Today is a Doc appointment day for Daddy..just a regular check..blood and worries..
This is for my sister Gail…Your cake is ready…I’ll try and get it to you today?????…
Our weather was suppose to be bad bad bad this morning..but it’s just cold…probably come later…bread n milk are bought…and an extra gas pack in case the electric goes out..
I haven’t had a ticket or a wreck in twenty years and I was just saying that to Daddy yesterday taking him to BoTime..and when I dropped him off and was pulling out..a Big Thumbs up to me..a car came out of nowhere..lucky for me they stopped in time…so never brag on yourself..cause something will prove you wrong everytime..I even gave myself the Thumbsup for that craziness…I would have been dead…thank you to who ever you were..and I thank my God for thinking more patting myself on the back…And luckily they didn’t have Road Rage..
Anyone else out there suffer with a cold sore…well I got a dozie..started coming up yesterday…I haven’t had one in quite awhile..I hate them..I text my Jonboy to see if he has one cause it seems we get one at the same time…LOL!…I thought he might have sent me some bad mojo..but I did find out all my babies are sick..with the bug..sending out well wishes for them
Ok..daddy’s rat dog had done a poo on the floor and he tried to clean it up rather than call on me…OMG!..I wish he had…thirty napkins later and throwing them in my trash can was not good..I had to clean out my trash and that didn’t go well either..sterilizing myself..gagging..I didn’t want to waste my new trash bag cause them suckers are to expensive..I had just put it in I wish I had..not a pretty scene…mine you this dog is about a five pound dog but the poo must have been a five pounder…who uses thirty napkins…
Not much else happening…so that’s all I got…sending you a safe cold day…image


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