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Camel Ride..Snow..and a Palace…

Who knows what twelve hours can bring us…our weather has changed once again..it’s a cold Rainy day..we have had it all in just a week..spring…ice…sleet..snow and now rain…šŸ‘’s up to the craziness…
Look what our Meg did on Hump Day…a camel ride and a camel breakfast.yes I know Hump Day was yesterday..cause I got a Check…LOL!..imageimageIMG_3912…Happy Hump Day..my Meg..
And now some more Snow pics..My Taylor n Owen’s Wanchese Snowman…as promised…image…our Taylor is becoming a very tall glass of Awesomeness and Owen is plain CUTE..with all them curls..
Someone posted some pics of Tryon Palace and I loved them..wanted to share…imageimageimage..the one of the path looks like something from a Fairytale and you know I love a good fairytale…
Today is a big Pig n Wally World trip..filling up the freezer again..Daddy’s got to get some BoTime in and Santa has to work…
And the Birds must be starved..I have filled the feeder twice yesterday and empty again this morning….I’ll have to remember to put Bird Seed on my list today..just bought some last week..I would like to know how my friends attract so many different kinds of birds..What kind of seed do you buy..are city birds different than country birds..I just get..the little tiny birds..a cardinal or two..black birds..cowbirds..never any of those my friend Ginger has posted..???????
Well..my egg sales were going good..but something is in the mist of the Hen House…killing their chickens..Sad..so I am trying to keep my customers til this is fixed..they have been real patient and contiune to call to see if I got any…I thank them for being loyal..
That’s all I got…sending you a safe day…image…Screamin’Peacockimage
I all most forgot..My Just Ben’s new look..he so debonair…image


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