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Got em..Sold em…

Well…I am Crazy..I had my blog wrote and it disappeared on me..THEY call that Operator Error…Dang!
Here goes again….
I got four dozen eggs yesterday and sold them in five minutes and can sell at least five more right now…PaPa Bears chicks need some vitaims…or a dead fox..
Yesterday was a pretty good day.extra BoTime for Daddy…and a Wally World trip for me..they like it when I get a check cause they know some treats are in the bag for them..Daddy sitting at the table waiting for his pile and Big Jean’ scrambling in the bags to see what he got..they are Too Funny…The Pig shop has to wait for another check…
I don’t know what is going on with the Sally Store..they were closed again ..and if I can get out..they sure can..I am having withdrawals again..but I do know..just a block down from me..we maybe having a new junk store..been watching very closely..lots of junk in the window….I’m excited…let you know what I know when I know it…
I know I’m late writing but Daddy was up at the first sign of light this morning and I had to take him to BoTime..already…he has a doc appointment today for Blood Check..last time it was to thick to flow and they want it thinner than water..hopeful it good today..very annoying to him…
I have one more Snow day pic…this is what Big Jean and I do….image..of course it doesn’t have to be a snow day for this…LOL!…pretty much what we do all the time…
I am quite concerned this morning about my Lily..she was not at the front door this morning…not in her room and it’s cold..please let her be ok..she’s always at the door when it’s cold…😿
That’s all I got sending you a fast Friday…imageScreamin’Peacockimage


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