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Another Deserving….


An Awesome Hump Day in the Jack n the Box…Daddy got some BoTime and ExtraTime with Buster n Family..he was gone quite awhile..I was getting kinda worried but I knew Buster n Carol would call if any thing was going wrong…he had Fun and that’s all that mattered..

And another deserving Family got a New Car…My Lil’Wanchese Family…It was way overdue..image…I am so Happy for them..

And I was deserving of a DebDay…cause I cleaned up the home real nice and did laundry and fresh beds…so off to the Sally Store..and the Pig…

It was meant to be kinda Day..first thing I spotted was this salesmen sample of a cedar chest for $1.99..from a local furniture store…the reason I suspect a salesmen sample is because it says presented to the store…I was stoked…it also was a double hitter cause I love talking New Bern History with Daddy…SCORE!!!imageimage

and I found Santa a new shirt…then it was off to the Pig for my Meat Shop ..

another Score…Meat Sale..I stocked up…from Pig to Beef to Chicken…and of

course the Guys got their Steak Dinner…it was just a great happening Hump Day

for the Jack n the Box…

My Leftover friend stopped by..to get his share of cooking…Rib..Barbque….Peach

shortcake..and lasagna …he was proud toting that bag to the car…too funny!..

he texted me later..he came up with his new name…Lucky Leftover..so be it..

Daddy must be on a roll cause he made a Strawberry shortcake yesterday for Someone????

hope it ain’t for us cause we are waddling now….LOL!..Really!

Well..That’s all I got cause we have an 8 o’clock appointment this morning..BoTime afterwards and a Farmtrip for some eggs…

sending you a thriving Thursday…imageScreamin’Peacock



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